The Other Brother

Meet The Other Brother. Workplace dining taken to a new level, with a sleek, contemporary addition to the ANZ tower in Docklands. A place for local employees to dine and meet amongst an architecturally designed space.

The brief entailed a number of constraints. Whilst the tower has been architecturally designed, it was integral that the design of The Other Brother integrated within the space seamlessly. Given the high end composure of the buildings design, The Other Brother acquired sophisticated finishes to resolve and compliment the refinery in its’ design. 

Visually, the curved shapes of the architectural features, tables and servery create a vivid contrast in regard to the rigid geometry of the linear ceilings.

Drawing down from the linear ceilings, bespoke pipe-like lighting exposes itself to create intimate spaces underneath large dish like pendants. Patrons are able to sit amongst booth seating, bar height benches, or a large communal table set in front of a feature tiled wall, set in a subtle hue of cherry red. These delicately selected hues seduces the overall café experience.

There were various requirements to the business that needed to be addressed within the design. This was a result of its types of customers – those after a quick Grab and Go meal, those after a dine in experience, coffee goers, and even those having a business meeting. The design of the café considers all of the required customer types, and responds to them clearly.

The timeless design portrays depth and substance within this contemporary eatery aimed to attract people from the ANZ precinct and beyond. The design intent was to integrate effortlessly within the shell that was given, offering a sense of sophistication and finesse to a venue for professionals to dine in or takeaway. 

In terms of a working environment, wait staff are contained within a the central servery, with a kitchen closeby to replenish food displays. The two food areas create an efficient workspace for wait staff to clearly be able to interact with patrons without the sound of a commercial kitchen.

The design reflects innovative and excellent design practice through its clear, coherent response to a site-specific location. The café stands alone and has a sense of belonging. It’s sympathetic to the finishes preselected within the shell of the base building, yet still identifies as its own venue.

Taking into consideration its surrounding water outlook, the design has been carefully curated for patrons to have the ability to dine and look out to the iconic Docklands landscape. This is vital to workers within the building, to have the ability to wonder down from their desk and escape from the daily workplace routine. 

You can check out the full project photographs here.