Super 8 Cafe – Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Melbourne

Blackmilk is proud to announce one of their recently completed projects, the Super 8 Cafe at the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Melbourne (VCCC).

The response to the fit out of the Super 8 Cafe has been overwhelming and has set a new benchmark for hospital dining. The concept design of the signature café and sanctuary space aims to complement the existing architectural aesthetic of the building design, whilst creating its own individual interior design statement. Drawing on the organic forms of the architectural features throughout the VCCC public spaces, enables a seamless transition into the Cafe creating a holistic approach.
The design intent of the colour scheme and organic shaped layout aims to send the user on a sensorial journey.

The predominately white and green colour palette is complimented with the warmth of timber creating an environment of peaceful serenity. The use of white represents purity and life.
Natural timbers and apple green tones reference a sense of nature and escape from the concrete jungle outside. This taps into the human psyche associated with nature and wellbeing. This is dramatically reinforced by the use of photographic real printed graphic carpet.

Sweeping booth seating and an undulating timber fin ceiling add a sense of futuristic world where technology can be the difference between life and death.
Spatially, the feature booth seating and lounge areas create a feeling of intimacy and a variety of dining experiences are available to the patron. One can retreat and enjoy a private moment.

The feature ceiling represents the pulsating complexity of the inner workings of the human body to compliment the buildings architecture.
The sanctuary which can be viewed from the foyer as you enter the café. As the name suggests, the design concept aims to create a wonder world, an uplifting retreat offering a sensory experience. This space offers a range of interactive services; with the choice of lounging in the private reading alcove, through to browsing the internet.

An endless range of waterfalls and tropical forest imagery replay on a floor to ceiling video wall. The realistic imagery aims to give the ability to escape to a natural sanctuary, where thoughts and worries can be lost and transformed into hope and inspiration.

Blackmilk would like to thank the Super 8 for the opportunity to work on this project, and also the great work done by Four Seasons Commercial Interiors.

You can check out the full photos here, or take a look at what else the group at Super 8 do!