Rebel Blue

Rebel Blue – Greek Street Food taken to the next level, residing on the iconic Chapel street amongst the vibrant entertainment precinct. Drawing inspiration from the culture of its surrounds of the ever-evolving Windsor end, the new design imitates a culture of a younger demographic.

The design intent was always to compliment the motion of street food, sharing, conversation and movement. Pulsating electric blue pipework forces your eye from the front of the restaurant, all the way to the back amongst intimate booth seating, dressed in mesh screens.

The movement of the pipework draws you to illuminated street signage, adding to the notion of street culture with directions to Mykonos, Athens or Oakleigh.

The curved tiles showcased on the center bar create an optical fantasy. The tiles sweep you up, in an uninterrupted smooth curve of tile work to add comfort to the bar experience. Contrasted against these tiles, polished concrete walls sit behind pipework amongst a warm glow of lighting, offering a variety of dimming experiences to patrons.

Dine in or out, the Greek Street food presence will be with you at Rebel Blue.

Take a look at the project photographs here.