Nikos Cakes

The next generation of the iconic Nikos Cakes patisserie represents itself in a new North side location of Fairfield, Victoria.

Conceptually, the design was developed to sympathize with the industrial warehouse shell, accentuating its existing design features including the polished concrete floor, saw tooth roof, and steel garage style shopfront windows.

The design intent marries the idea of contemporary industrial crossed with a traditional, Greek notion. Steel structures compete with patterns of feature rolling pin screens, to create a contemporary interpretation of this tradition Greek notion of cooking, food and sharing.

Decorative tiles to the counter fronts, tabletops and floor finish also creates depth to this Iconic Greek patisserie, paired with decorative pots, pans and cooking utensils to add warmth, and a sense of home to the industrial shell that once was. The addition of polished brass and Calcutta marble benches are highlights drawn from traditional patisserie style bistro design elements.

The open elements of the industrial space allow you to focus on the abundant cakes and biscuit displays, while you gaze full view into the production kitchen to see the theatre of cake creations.

This is what Nikos Cakes do best.

You can check out the full project photographs here, or even check out Nikos Cakes here.