Love Machine

Located in the hub of Chapel Streets entertainment precinct, the iconic dance club of Love Machine has been reinvented, abducting patrons inside the imaginary digital world of Tron.

The brief for this project was to move away from heavily featured nightclub trends of vintage/underground, with the intention of creating something that hasn’t been experienced in Melbourne before.

The futuristic design is a social statement on a younger generation, captivated within today’s fast paced technologically based world. Young party-goers are forever searching for the latest visual stimulation.

The interior attributes of multi-sensory elements across the cohesive use of finishes, combined with the audio & visual platforms, for example the inclusion of mirrors and LED strip lighting, allow for an intriguing distortion and reflection of the AV effects taken to another level of exhilaration. The lighting and visual effects of blue pinstripe lighting draws its inspiration on the internal workings of a circuit board in a contemporary interpretation.

Architecturally, the inclusion of a new mezzanine structure featuring exclusive VIP lounge seating also caters to the Love Machine party show ponies. You can even be mistaken for floating in an alternate universe when you enter the bathrooms, with sky/cloud graphics having been applied to the floor.

The visual party addict having satisfied their quest for the latest fix, to lose themselves in infinity at Love Machine.

Check out the full project photos here, or jump onto Love Machines Facebook Page.